• KELLY ROCKLIFF  |  Director of Cool

    When it comes to ensuring that everything WHIRL does exceeds client expectations, Kelly is relentless.


    As our champion of strategy, she helps our clients formalize their objectives, then makes sure the work we do propels them towards their goals. She knows how to create order from chaos and develop solutions that deliver business results. Whether it’s turning employees into Brand Ambassadors or increasing sales with B2B communications, she’s the expert.


    Kelly doesn’t like to tell people exactly how long she’s been in the biz, but her experience says it all. From product launches in South America to incentive trips to Africa. From Director of Incentive Travel to Director of Sales with some of the country’s top agencies – she has partnered with top global companies including Direct Energy, CIBC, Nortel, IBM, McDonald’s, Lavalife, MTS Allstream, The Weather Network, York University and Canada Post.


    Kelly also honed her business skills in management at a number of leading Canadian corporations. She truly understands the client perspective – from the inside out.


    Kelly also dedicates her time and considerable energies to support community organizations such as Crossroads International. Often, she can be found hiding out at Verity attending a Mastermind session, a wine tasting and, when the mood strikes her, the gym.

  • THOM ROCKLIFF  |  Director of Hot

    Thom was a curious boy, prone to daydreaming, drawing outside the lines and fabricating elaborate stories. Next time you see him ask him how his childhood construction crew killed Prime Minister Diefenbaker. Luckily the education system failed to remove his imagination during the time they had him in their charge – their loss is WHIRL’s win.


    Thom uses his ability to generate ideas to help leading brands deliver sharp, compelling and captivating creative to a wide range of audiences. Give him your complicated, your elaborate or your hopelessly confusing content and watch him transform it into creative that sings.


    But ideas are just part of the story. Thom loves the entire production process. From the smallest smartphone screen to the largest live stage, Thom brings a wealth of production and creative knowledge that delivers clarity in fresh and compelling ways.


    He earned his stripes during his time as a producer, creative director and partner at the St. John Group. For over three decades, Thom created live events, tradeshow experiences, and interactive environments. He's even penned a few songs along the way. Whatever it takes to deliver the message and move minds.


    Thom recently returned from the UK where he was the CMO of an innovative automotive software start-up. He established the brand, set the marketing vision and developed the digital strategy through two successful rounds of venture funding.


    Thom’s past clients include Bell, BlackBerry, KPMG, CAE, Cisco, Castrol, Nissan, AT&T, Bell Labs and MaRS Innovation to name a few.


    When Thom is not helping his clients, you might find him working on a socially responsible start-up, making a racket in his music studio or cooking up a storm in the kitchen.


  • KATHY WALE  |  Senior Producer

    When you are the daughter of a watchmaker, you look at time a differently. For Kathy, time is the foundation that a great project is built upon. Manage the time, and you manage the budget.  Manage the budget, and you can drive the creative process to new heights. See how it's all connected?


    Kathy came to WHIRL with over 18 years of experience in the communications industry, and it was time well spent, honing her craft in both North America and Europe for some of the world’s leading pharmaceutical and banking brands. As a senior producer, she loves to take on the toughest and most challenging projects. From a multi-day, multi-city conference to video production to a hands-on workshop, Kathy can build the plan, oversee the entire process, and bring it in on budget, and most importantly on time.


    When she is not delivering great programs for our clients, Kathy spends her well managed time cooking, sampling the world’s best chocolate, traveling, and learning to play the piano. And yes, when Kathy plays the piano she uses a metronome to keep time.

  • ASHLEY KING  |  Designer

    Ashley’s passion for the arts and design could almost be considered an obsession.
    No matter what she does, she can’t seem to get her hand out of the creative cookie jar.


    Ashley caught the creative bug as a child, traveling around the world to compete in choral competitions with the York Region Children’s Chorus. Her flare for the dramatic led her to a Theatre Arts Program before heading into Fashion Design at Ryerson University. After two traumatic years of ripping stitches and nursing iron burns, she decided that she and sewing machines could never be friends. She decided to turn her hobby of illustration and design into a career and graduated with honours from the Seneca College Graphic Design program, and she's never looked back.


    Along with her efforts on projects for all our clients, Ashley has designed communications solutions for companies such as Sun Life Financial and TD Canada Trust, and developed corporate branding for a variety of businesses.

  • STEPHEN ORR  |  Producer

    From an early age, Stephen had an acute sense of detail and would find creative ways to shape ideas and words.  What used to drive his parents mad makes him perfect for his role as a producer at WHIRL. Stephen is always for innovative, exciting, and more efficient ways to approach each project.


    Stephen earned his marketing chops while attending Business-Marketing Advanced Diploma program at George Brown College.  His area of focus was Project Management, and Business Communication and Stephen came out of it with love for event planning and production.


    Before joining WHIRL, Stephen was a Junior researcher with Cineflix. What started out as a 6-week trial, turned into a multiple season partnership on the TV shows Food Factory & Nightshift. His eagerness and determination led to a role as Senior Researcher and Associate Producer on further seasons.


    From there he moved to London, England and worked as a producer of TV commercials and large-scale awards shows. He even found himself backstage and steps away from Prince Charles and Geri Halliwell – how cool is that!


    Stephen loves being able to problem solve, create under tight deadlines, intuitively prepare for anything, all while bringing enthusiasm and positive energy to his career.


    When out of the office Stephen has a passion for creating and discovering new music, cycling through new cities with his trusty camera in hand, and eating at every restaurant in the city – a daunting but rewarding task.


We create uniquely tailored communications and meetings for your business, with a uniquely tailored team on each project.

In our experience, the wider and deeper the pool of talent, the fresher the catch. Our richly stocked WHIRLpool of top freelance talent and partner suppliers enables our in-house strategic, creative and project management team to provide you with newer, more dynamic and more effective solutions.


As a business model, it reduces our overhead. As a creative technique, it means a broader range of deliverables, developed by the right people creating the right solutions for your project.


That’s our catch-of-the-day. Every day.





We think that every business is part of the wider community. Or should be.


That’s why WHIRL encourages staff volunteerism, works with select not-for-profits on pro bono work, and delivers a portion of its profits each year to organizations that benefit the communities where we live and work.


It’s important to us at WHIRL.

We like to think it’s important to us all.




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