How do you engage and inform an audience with one of the highest proportions of PhD’s we’ve ever come across?
With messaging and design that’s as sophisticated as they are.


This Crown Corporation’s 1,400+ employees - gather together each year to hear the President’s message, listen to key customers and celebrate accomplishments.


In 2015, we produced our eleventh event for this Corporation – a three-hour conference featuring an opening video, customer interviews, dynamic speaker support, award segments and entertainment. Capturing and holding employee attention with message-driven communications, offering valuable information, and creating examples of success drawn from their own experience.


We developed a trade show that utilized three separate theatres, to deliver a series of market-intensive presentations in English and French over a four-hour period. Key customers brought in product and developed hands-on learning opportunities and prompting free-wheeling, interactive discussions.


Even the food area was set up with the goal of creating an idea-friendly space for conversation and brainstorming – complete with brown paper tablecloths and drawing materials!


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